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David Habler

Shalom, I am the second generation of a family specializing in the hospitality business.

My father a Holocaust survivor, hid for three years in the snowy forests of Poland without shelter, bread or a place to lay

David Habler

his head at night. Having survived the horror of the Holocaust my father swore that his home would be a place that welcomed guests.

After he passed away I not only took it upon myself to fulfill his unwritten wishes but to take it even further.

From early childhood we shared our home and that which is ours with our guests. I grew up in a family and home atmosphere, with giving andpartnering as part of our life and I remain attached to this. It gave me an awareness of good Service and excellence in hospitality and is the way I run David Hostel till today, For me it is away of life.

You are welcome to join me for a cup of coffee to start the day with. And to finish the day together with a glass of wine in the evening.. In between, you can consult me and use my knowledge of the area to plan your trip.


You are very welcome to be my guests

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